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Fellow Punter,

My name is JD Foley and Im the founder of The Asian Advantage.

As you may have guessed by the name, my service focuses exclusively on betting the Asian Handicap markets in football matches.

I've been providing my tips to private clients for several years, and only agreed to take my service public to a larger audience after constant prodding and pleading from a couple of those clients who are "in the business" and with whom I've partnered to form The Asian Advantage.  

So why did they make such a fuss?

Great Results!

So far in 2013 the Asian Advantage has averaged 12 points profit per month betting at level stakes for total profit of just over 60 points for the first 5 months of the year..

Below is a summary of the monthly results to date, and for a full record of every bet just click on the "Results" tab above or follow this link: Results

2013 Monthly Results Summary



Turbocharge Your Profits By Compounding!

They key to success and making big money betting is not to find some miracle system or magical loophole - THEY DON'T EXIST!

What you need is a consistently profitable system or service that allows you to increase your stakes and subsequent profit over time by compounding.

The Asian Advantage does just that by providing steady monthly and weekly profits, and with only a small 15 point starting bank required the profits can get big very fast!

It's quite simple really, as all you need to do is double your stakes every time you double your bank.

Following this basic compounding method, if you'd started with us on January 1st, 2013 with a £150 bank and £10 stakes your bank would now be up over £2,400.

If you're prepared to invest a little more the reward is even greater, as a £1,500 starting bank and £100 stakes would now be worth more than £24,000!

And if you're more of a heavy hitter, then starting with a bank of £3,000 and betting at £200 stakes, you'd now be sitting on more than £48,000!

However big or small your starting bank, that equates to more than 1,500 % profit in just 5 months, which is a staggering return on investment by anyone's standards!

Take a look at the summary below and you'll see how simple it is.

Every time we double up we simply recalculate a new starting bank and we double our stake!

Basic Compounding Results

compounding graphic

But What if I Need to Withdraw Profit?

No problem!

Allow me to introduce a simple little twist to the basic compounding method that allows you to withdraw some profit on a regular basis but still increase your stakes and subsequent profits over time.

Every time we double the bank we withdraw half our profit and increase stakes by 50%.

Following this method with The Asian Advantage in 2013 a £150 starting bank would now sit at £759.27 with £609.37 already withdrawn along the way and a £1,500 starting bank would now be worth £7,593 with £6,093 already withdrawn.

The really great thing about this method is that after only 2 double ups your initial investment has already been withdrawn which means from that point on YOU ARE ONLY PLAYING WITH PROFITS!

Take a look at the table below to see how it works:


50% Withdrawal Plan


Steady Weekly Profits!

Key to our success and the reason we can use our compounding method is we don't suffer through any prolonged losing runs.

Sure there may be the odd time where we lose 5 or 6 bets in a row, but we always recover quickly.

In fact, we've only had 4 losing weeks over the first 22 weeks of the year, our largest weekly loss coming back in January when we dropped 5.42 points in the third week of the year.

On average we have about 15 bets per week or a little over 60 per month, and maintain a 62% winning percentage at average odds of 1.88.

Whether you're betting at level stakes or compounding your profits, the math works and is a recipe for success!

Year Round Service!

We are a year-round, world-wide service with plenty of action from leagues that play over the summer months, so now's a great time to join us and keep your profits rolling in while the majority of tipsters go on holiday during the European off-season!

At average profit of around 12 points per month, that's an extra 36 points in the bank while everyone is else off for the summer.

After all, why stop making money if you don't have to!

Low Risk And A  Small Starting Bank!

If youre sick and tired of those betting services which require a huge starting bank of 50-100 points or even more, then The Asian Advantage could be ideal for you.

We don't back heavy underdogs with long spells between winning bets, nor do we lay massive favourites at huge odds where just a couple of lost bets could put your entire bank in jeapordy.

As we exclusively bet in handicap markets all of our bets come at odds close to even money, and with a winning strike rate around 62% you'll be completely safe with a 15 point starting bank.

That means that with £1,500 you can start betting at 100 stakes right away, and even if you only have £500 to start out you can still get on at £33.33 per bet!


Now, Before I continue on and explain how I go about finding bets and why I'm so successful, I have a word of warning for you:




Due to the nature of my selection process, tips are often delivered at very short notice.

As a result, I send all bets via text message, so you really need a smart phone with mobile betting capability to make sure you don't miss out on my tips.

For more information on mobile betting, including some important tips on the bookmakers and applications you'll need to make the most of The Asian Advantage, just click on the "Mobile Betting" tab at the top of this page or follow this link: Mobile Betting

We will provide you with profitable betting tips, but really how much you make from the Asian Advantage is UP TO YOU!

If you're equipped with a smart phone, can open the right bookmaker accounts and be ready to get your bets on at short notice while you're on the go, then you have all that's required for a highly enjoyable and profitable betting experience!

So Why Asian Handicap?

Although I'm originally from the UK, I've lived for many years in Singapore, where Asian Handicap betting on football is extremely popular.

At first I found it a bit strange, but I adapted to it quite quickly and grew to love it when I found out just how profitable it can be!

Over the years I've refined my selection process, and I now study 40 world-wide leagues with numerous selection critria to narrow down to a small list of potential selections each day.

The final and most important part of my analysis is to look at odds and handicap line movements and the weight of money being wagered at a couple of big Asian sportsbooks in the hours prior to kickoff.

I can't divulge more without giving away my process, but to sum it up there are certain recognizable signals I look out for, and if they are visible in the hours or minutes before kickoff then we have a bet.

As I've mentioned above, 2013 is off to a tremendous start with just under 60 points profit in the bag already, 5 straight profitable months, and 17 profitable weeks out of 21!

This is nothing new and those are the sort of results I'll continue to achieve week after week, month after month and year after year.

Sorry if that comes across as arrogant, but really I'm just very confident in my process and the strength of the signals I receive from those key Asian bookmakers!

Start Your 21-Day Trial Today!

I fully recognize that with so much nonsense going on in the online betting world these days you're probably quite skeptical about my claims.

As you should be!

But don't worry, I'm not going to give you a "hard sell" or expect you to just take my word for it that my results are real and my process works.

I'm going to prove it to you with a 21-day trial period!

Now, although I'd love to offer a free trial, the cost of text message delivery to a world-wide subscriber base can be huge, so I need to charge a nominal fee just to cover the costs of our SMS plan, otherwise we could end up paying out thousands to deliver you the bets for free!

So here's the deal:

You can jump on board now with a 21-day trial for £3.00 and that payment simly covers the cost of SMS bet delivery.

3 Great Membership Options Available!

As I've mentioned above, I have a number of private clients who've been with me for years.

Most are what you'd call high rollers, and they pay me £200.00 per month or more for my advice.

That said, I want to make The Asian Advantage accessible to the average punter, so for this intial service launch I won't be charging anywhere close to £200.00.

How about £100.00 per month?

Still way too much!

Once your trial period is complete there are 3 subscription options to choose from, a monthly membership for £65.00, a quarterly membership (3 month subscription) for £130.00, or a yearly subscription for £455.00 which is equivalent to 5 free months and will save you £325.00 off the monthly rate!

We're confident you'll love our service but if at any time during your trial period you decide you don't want to continue with the Asian Advantage just login to Paypal to cancel your subscription or send us an email and we'll be happy to do it for you.

Note: Each subscriber is limited to one 3-week trial.

If youve already completed a trial and now want to take out a full subscription just click the "Subscribe" tab at the top of this page or follow this link: Subscribe

Subscription Options

Monthly Subscription
Just £3.00 for your first 3 weeks, then £65.00 per month


 Quarterly Subscription
Just £3.00 for your first 3 weeks, then £130.00 for 3 months
Equivalent to every third month free!


Yearly Subscription
Just £3.00 for your first 3 weeks, then £455.00 per year
Equivalent to 5 free months!


After your payment is processed by Paypal please click "CLICK HERE TO CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION" in order to register your email address and mobile number for SMS bet delivery.